Why X?

Tours and interviews with postgraduate schools.

We have Questions...

Why X? will be a video series from Cardio Medical where we interview students, faculty, and tour multiple post-graduate schools across the nation. This resource will help prepare you to apply to programs and give you insight into how life is for a professional healthcare student, ranging from the smallest details to the big-picture questions.

Who, What, Why?

Hey readers. This is Zain from Cardio Medical. Back in September 2022, I went on my first tour of a medical school, McGovern Medical School at the Texas Medical Center, and I was left with a lot of questions. I was supposed to be on a group tour, but when I arrived at the school there was no one from my university tour group there. I asked around to a bunch of the medical students walking in the lobby and eventually went to the admin of the school. I got to play fetch with Birdie the Dog and also got a secret tour of the medical school, all its facilities, classrooms, and a sneak peek of the operating rooms. It was a really great experience that helped me learn a lot about that specific school and why I may want to attend there. 

There are countless medical, physician assistant, nursing, and dental schools globally, and so many questions that we have about the programs offered. How and when do you apply? Cost of attendance? How do you even get accepted? What is the admissions team looking for in an applicant? Why would they accept you? All these questions and more were the ones I left with from McGovern and I plan on going back to find out. With this series, we plan on learning more about the lives of postgrad schools, faculty, and their respective institutes.

Birdie, The Dog