The Team

The Future of Medicine. 

Zain Ghanchi

Founder / Lead Researcher


Linkedin: Zain Ghanchi

Hey everyone! I'm the Founder of Cardio and my role is to oversee all work within the organization. I started Cardio in order to provide opportunities to other aspiring students and future physicians. I hope to collaborate with exceptional young minds, working on new ways to understand health. I am particularly interested in cardiothoracic issues and how consumer culture has impacted our health. I'm passionate about helping others and bringing out the best in people, so I hope to do exactly that with this organization. 

Rayyan Ahmed

Team Lead


Linkedin: Rayyan Ahmed 

Hi everyone! My name is Rayyan, and I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Houston, pursuing a B.S in Biology. I aspire to work in the medical field and specifically want to pursue a career that allows me to directly interact with patients. I joined Cardio Medical because I believe in its vision and I want to help make it a reality. Outside of work and education, I love to read and I enjoy photography. 

Abdul-Muiz Mahmood

Medical Lead


Linkedin: Abdul-Muiz Mahmood 

Hey everyone! My name is Abdul-Muiz and I am a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Houston studying Kinesiology on the pre-medical path. One of my main interests is to contribute to the growing field of medicine and research by spreading information regarding health in this evolving world. As I progress through the medical path, I would like to inform the general public on how to improve health and quality of life.

Soraya Sato

PA Lead


Linkedin: Soraya Sato

Hi everyone! My name is Soraya, and I am currently a pre-PA student at the University of Houston’s Honors College. I am majoring in Health and minoring in Biology and Leadership Studies. Working on this team, I hope to spread information and provide guidance and resources for students interested in the PA profession. Outside of school, I love playing tennis, singing, and trying out different cuisines with friends and family! 

Sikandar Khan

Dental Lead


Linkedin: Sikandar Khan

Hi! I'm Sikandar, a University of Houston student on the pre-dental track majoring in biology. Dentistry has captured my interest, leading me towards an education pathway that leads to brighter smiles. Whether navigating the process of choosing dentistry as your future field or just needing a listening ear, I strive to support others. Outside of academics, I love playing soccer and spending time with friends and family.

Acacia Ho

Nursing Lead


Linkedin: Acacia Ho

Hi! My name is Acacia Ho and I’m a freshman Biology major at HCC who’s soon transferring to pursue nursing-then hopefully becoming a Clinical Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specifically. Being a part of Cardio Medical will allow me to better my skills & exposure in the field, and help students who are also interested in nursing! In my free time, I love playing volleyball, hiking, reading, and watching crime documentaries.

Esa Mohammed

Operations Lead


Linkedin: Esa Mohammed 

Hi, My name is Esa Mohammed. I am a second-year Biology student at the University of Houston on the pre-med track. Currently, I am pursuing research on the effects of the environment on our health as well as the aftereffects left after pandemics. 

Joseph Bouchebl



Linkedin: Joseph Bouchebl 

Hello everyone! My name is Joseph and I'm hoping to start on the pre-med track soon, attending the University of Houston in the fall. I have always been interested in medicine and medical research, so I plan on using this experience to explore my curiosity and learn more about global health.

Harrison Pham



Linkedin: Harrison Pham

I’m Harrison, a Biomedical Engineering student at Texas A&M. I am currently between pursuing either a career in medicine or creating a start up in the biomedical technology sector. I enjoy weightlifting and recently have started competing in Olympic Weightlifting in the 81 kg weight class.

Subhan Khan



Linkedin: Subhan Khan

Hey guys! I'm one of the researchers for Cardio Medical. I am an incoming student at Texas A&M University. In the future, I aim to further the advancement of medicine and offer treatment options to improve the quality of patient life, ensuring a way for people to access better health care. My interests include the effects of consumerism on health and the growing industry of technology and its impact on procedures like biopsies and surgeries.